What is the DSA?

The European Union Digital Services Act (DSA) imposes new obligations on a wide range of digital service providers. Requirements include:

  • Comprehensive transparency obligations about policies and enforcement processes
  • Robust mechanisms to engage law enforcement
  • Detailed user communication and appeals capabilities regarding enforcement decisions
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"We don't want to build out additional infrastructure to internally house audit trails. We've spent a lot of engineering time on this issue in the past for things like GDPR, only to see it not be used.

"It's incredibly difficult to predict how the DSA will actually affect our business. We are concerned that we will not have the engineering resources to make adjustments as DSA guidance evolves in the next 12-24 months."

"Our data is stored in so many different spreadsheets that managing repeat offenders is going to be hard. We are probably going to end up duplicating work and missing things, both at the same time."

How does Cinder help with the DSA?

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Cinder is a system of record that empowers Trust & Safety teams by integrating all core Trust & Safety workflows in a single platform - and in doing so provides the fidelity necessary to comply with the DSA. We’re built for excellence, not just compliance, because we know that harmful adversaries adapt even faster than the global regulatory environment evolves.

What You Need
What Cinder Empowers
Universal and Basic Obligations (all companies)
Transparency Reporting

Store canonical policies in Cinder so all Trust & Safety decisions reference your own terms and conditions. This simplifies user communication, auditability, and transparency. Access all of it (policies, decisions, communication) via API.

Law Enforcement Reporting

Investigate a network with the click of a button. Drag and drop users, messages, and other entities into access-controlled cases. Prioritize law enforcement requests and respond confidently.

Advanced Obligations (Companies with 50+ employees or $10m EUR turnover)

Stop bouncing from tool to tool. Engage users directly and track policies, enforcements, and appeals from a single place.

Protect Minors

Configure specialized protections for young users, report to NCMEC directly, and set protections for reviewer teams from within the Cinder UI.

Manage Repeat Offenders

Build and adapt your enforcement framework via Cinder’s no-code points-tracking system. Set thresholds, assign policy rationale, and configure automated communications with the click of a button.

Notify Users of Internal Decisions

Integrate directly with existing communications tools like Zendesk and Salesforce to manage user communications and streamline the reviewer experience to improve accuracy and accountability.

Trusted Flaggers

Content flagged by trusted flaggers is automatically dropped into operational review queues. Seamlessly understand flagger effectiveness over time.

Special Obligations (Very Large Online Platforms)
Additional Requirements

Cinder’s leadership includes software engineers, operations and investigations leaders, and policy experts from Meta, Google, and Match Group and we work with some of the most advanced Trust & Safety teams. Rely on a team that has seen the good, bad, and ugly of Trust & Safety.

We turn decision-making into actionable data that supports your mission.

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