EU Digital Services Act: How Cinder Helps
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Supercharging Trust & Safety Operations

We empower cutting-edge trust and safety teams to better understand their data, streamline decision making, and measure their effectiveness. All from one single place.

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Your end-to-end trust and safety command center.

Protect your users more efficiently and with greater precision. Cinder integrates your critical trust and safety data, freeing your team from spreadsheets, CRMs, and complex SQL queries. By centralizing decision making around your policies, you can finally provide your team with the right data needed to make a decision, fast.


Integrate your data and intelligence

Cinder unifies the data and context needed to help your team make faster and more accurate decisions.


Streamline Decision-Making

From individual content review to advanced investigations and case management, Cinder provides a strategic vantage point allowing your team to operate efficiently from a single place.


Measure your impact

Through customizable metrics and dashboarding, Cinder provides the clarity of vision required to make more confident decisions.

Built by battle-tested engineers, investigators, and policy-makers.

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Our team is multi-disciplinary by design, expanding on experience gained investigating and combating the worst threats.

As veterans of Meta’s trust and safety team, and drawing on expertise from our work with the U.S. government, Palantir, and in academia, we’ve learned first-hand the importance of intelligence-driven integrity operations and what can make or break effective trust and safety programs. By combining our expertise in engineering, investigations, intelligence, and policy-making, we’re building the platform we’ve always wanted for the people who need it the most.

We turn decision-making into actionable data that supports your mission.

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